• Posted on December 21, 2012 4:21 pm
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    Small Business Websites If you are looking for small business websites or an affordable website design services for your business then L.J.A. Computer Services have exactly what you need. With our website design services we will create and manage your website for you, right from scratch. The gratest part about the websites we provide is that they include everything you need, hosting, domain name, emails, analytics and everything else. You can find more details here http://www.ljaweb.com/web-design/ From £7.99 you can get your business online and infront of your target audiance as we specialise in SEO and write articles for your website. Google is the biggest and best search engine in the world so if someone does a local search for your services or products you can be right ther in front of them. The best part is SEO is probably the best form of free advertising and we can help you be on the front page for all your local search terms. So if you offer a dog grooming service in Cheltenham you can be ther right on the front page when someone searches "dog grooming cheltenham". With each of our website design services we provide a FREE special SEO package of £4,500 which consists of Free SEO: 12-Month Package Onsite Guidelines 100 Search Engine Submissions 400 Standard Directory Submissions 40 Themed Links 40 Social Bookmarks 10 Local Directory Submissions Now if you know anything of the importance of SEO you will know this is an absoulut must for your website. Your small business websites will soon be your number one marketing tool brining in all the customers you need. We will also perform a advanced keyword research for your business so we know to only focus on keywords which are searched rather than keywords we think are searched. A good example is this: "computer maintenance Gloucester" is searched 50-60 times a month which is ok but you have to divide that by the number of websites offering these services on the front page of Google. Now "IT Services Gloucester" is searched for 14000 times a month so this would be the keyword we would focus on when doing SEO on our website. If you are finding this hard to follow then it goes to show you should find a website provider who is in the know of all these technicallities of website optimisation. For your small business websites come to L.J.A. Computer Services and we will have you online in no time.

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