Posted on 12 14 2012

Contracting Vs in house

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The efficiency of any large or small organisation rests on its resources, and among those that play a very crucial role is network infrastructure. Operating a good system can offer various advantages; that is why, it is imperative to employ IT people for its maintenance and repair.

Now, you may be torn between hiring in-house staff and contracting out individuals to take care of your computer systems. Perhaps knowing the differences may help you with this dilemma.


If you decide to contract this service, providing training is not your duty anymore since the team is employed by another company. On the other hand, the responsibility lies in your hands when opting to hire your own staff, as this is for the improvement of their knowledge and skills.


When it comes to wages, it can be more expensive to employ your own IT staff than when you outsource IT work. Do remember that you will have to pay for trainings, benefits, uniforms, equipment, and others. Working with another team, though, relieves you of such  burden.

Obviously, outsourcing the services of IT experts is more advantageous for you. So, if you are in need of a reputable company today, get in touch with us at L.J.A. Computer Services! To know how we can help you with your IT needs, find out about our expertise here.