Computer Hardware Upgrade

Computer Hardware Upgrades

All prices exclude parts, we are able to supply the parts at retail price but the choice is yours. Give us a call if you just want to talk about what you need and how much it will cost.

Tell us what you need to achieve with an upgrade, we will then advise you on your best options and quote you on the total price.

If your not sure on what your after, read our Hardware Upgrade Information Page by clicking here


We can purchase and install memory upgrades for your laptop or PC within minuets. Upgrading your memory or RAM is the best way to get your system running faster. Give us a call if you need us to solve a slow running computer problem as this service will solve that 99 percent of the time.

CARD INSTALLATION (e.g graphics, sound etc) – £30

We will install any card you want upgrading or advise you on certain additional cards available. Examples of some Cards available on the market are Sound cards, wireless network cards, Free view TV cards, HD Graphics cards and more.


If you require more storage space on your computer or laptop we can do that for you. We will help you decide what size Hard drive you will need and the size of storage required. Don’t worry we will answer any questions you have about the jargon and help you understand more.


We are able to supply and fit your power supply if you require one, the main reasons for having to replace your power supply are power supply failure and insufficient power due to additional upgrades. i.e Two new graphics cards, a new Hard drive and a new Blue Ray recorder could require more power than the current power supply resulting in the PC not switching on or powering off after a few seconds.


We are able to replace your primary hard drive (contains windows OS) with any drive of your choice. We can help you with purchasing the drive, we then install it for you and restore your data from the old drive. We can then either recycle your old drive or add it as a secondary storage drive.


This is the best way to upgrade if you were considering buying a new computer or your computer is over 5-10 years old.

The cost of purchasing a new PC or laptop starts at about £399 with minimal functionality. With a Motherboard and CPU upgrade you can have your pc running better than new for as little as £70. Then as time goes on your PC or laptop will still be compatible with the latest technology enabling you to upgrade other components as you require them without purchasing a new pc or laptop. We will help you choose the best product suited for your needs and make sure all hardware is compatible before purchasing.


This is the option you should choose before buying a new computer.You can have your old computer running better than a new model from the shop with this option. Upgrading is cheaper than purchasing a new computer or laptop. Available for Laptops (Notebooks/Netbooks) and Desktops/Tower PCs. A complete system upgrade Includes three or more of the following: CPU (processor), memory (RAM), motherboard, power supply unit (PSU), Graphics cards, storage media (HDD CD/DVD drives) and any other cards you need upgrading (sound cards, network cards or TV tuner cards).


You are able to get so many other upgrades for PCs and laptops we have added an extra service for you.
Any other upgrades include CD\DVD Writers, printers, speakers, BD Writers (Blue Ray), floppy drives USB ports and any other upgrade possible to purchase in stores. We have put a general price on this option as installing speakers is a lot less hassle than installing a printer so just call and we will quote you the appropriate price. Prices range from £20 to £30 the price stated above is the most you will have to pay for this service, parts excluded.