Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance

LJA Computer Services provide a very low cost affordable computer maintenance solutions for all your technical computer needs.

This service is completely secure for data protection as we will never be able to view any personal information stored on your computer.

For only £12.99 pm you can have your computer running at top performance for years to come. You can also add additional computers to this service for an extra £5 pm each.

So what do you get from this service?

You will have your computer maintained on a monthly basis, which will cover the following tasks:

  • Clean Registry – Find invalid entries from the registry. This speeds up your computer but is rather dangerous so should only be performed by a computer expert.
  • Remove Unnecessary Programs – We remove all unnecessary programs which have been installed without your knowledge. Examples are advertising software, duplicate anti-viruses and idle programs which have no use to you.
  • Delete Duplicate Files – We find and delete duplicate files. Don’t worry these are not personal files, they are system generated files you have no use for.
  • Delete Unnecessary Files – Find and remove unnecessary files like temporary installation files and internet cookies. Deleting them will free up disk space and speed up some start up programs.
  • Clean Invalid Shortcuts – When you delete a program manually it usually leaves remains. This service removes them freeing up more disk space.
  • Start Up Manage – We will manage your start up programs which dramatically increases start up speeds.
  • Internet temporary Files – Clean internet temporary files which increases disk space by around 3GB.
  • Clean History – Clean internet history up to a week or completely remove the history. Some people like to keep it as they can go back to a page they viewed a while back. However we can provide you with a solution so you will never need the history again.
  • MRU Clean – We clean the most recently used list. This list is unnecessary and builds up reducing system performance.
  • Monitor System Logs – We will monitor system error logs preventing a need for serious repairs in the future as we can identify them before any harm is brought to your system.
  • Security – We will monitor your anti-virus and internet security to ensure you stay fully protected and will provide you with internet security every year.
  • Disk De-fragmentation – Will will manage your disk usage and prevent your data storage devices from becoming damaged. This will also speed up system performance.
  • Driver Updates – Will will keep all drivers up to date and ensure they are using the correct software.
  • Windows Updates – We will manage your windows updates and make sure you are getting the right updates. Windows updates are usually set to automatic however windows then updates everything and leaves behind all the old installation files.

As you can see these tasks are a necessity for every Windows based computer. The problem is most computer users are unaware that these tasks need to be performed monthly or sometimes weekly for a hassle free computer experience. With our monthly computer maintenance package you never need to worry about computer maintenance again.

Unlimited Support

If you own a small or home based business or maybe just have more than three computers, we offer an unlimited support package which covers up to 5 computers and also includes unlimited remote sessions. Unlimited support covers all the above and includes free remote support whenever you need. You could be having difficulty burning a CD, getting strange error messages or even virus problems we will be able to assist you and solve your issues within 24 hours. You can call our free phone number and arrange a remote support session anytime from 8am till 8pm Mondays to Fridays and 10am till 4pm Saturdays and Sundays.