PC Problems

PC problems?

With today’s computer systems and their high price band the last thing you would expect are PC problems, right?

Unfortunately there is not much you can do to escape PC problems, especially with laptops. All you have to do is click “No” on that strange box which keeps popping up in the bottom corner and you can never access the internet again.

Most PC problems are easy to solve if you have access to the internet and troubleshooting skills. With that said most people will struggle and maybe make the situation worst. The best thing you could do is call a local computer repair company and have them solve your PC problems for you.

I have written a post for Laptops which include most common PC problems and how to best handle your laptop to prevent it from damage.

This should help you get through everyday use of your laptop without wearing it down over time.

My friend can fix my PC problems!

I have heard a lot of people say to me (Lewis) if I have PC problems my friend will fix it for free. Which is great because if I have a friend who can plaster walls and I need a wall plastering and that friend is willing to do it for free then I will take them up on that offer. However if that plasterer ended up damaging my walls or ruining something there would be nothing I could do about it except be unhappy with my friend. Also I am sure my friend doesn’t want me asking him to plaster my walls without some sort of incentive and I wouldn’t expect him to either.

I have no problem with people using their friends to fix there PC problems, I just happen to have fixed many computers which have been worst off because a friend has tried to fix it first which has prompted me to write this article. I strongly urge you to think about the risk involved. The possible risks are loss of all your data from music to old photos you have stored, further damage to your computer and inaccurate information about whats wrong with your computer.

There is one rule to follow when performing computer repairs and that’s always do a back up first. Now a backup can take anything from 1 hour to 8 hours depending on how much data you have stored. I am sure a friend you can use will not follow all proper repair procedures to protect you from further mishap unless your friend has been trained to do so.

Most friends wouldn’t like to admit that they don’t know whats wrong so they will tell you anything if they are unsuccessful in fixing it. They might even tell you something they believe to be correct when in actual fact it’s incorrect. Which could lead to you purchasing a new computer when all you really have to do is pay a computer repair company to fix it for you. There isn’t any computer problem which can’t be fixed always remember this if you do decide to choose a friend to fix it for you.

There is so much information a computer technician needs to know about computers that using a friend with out a specific qualification in computer repair is a bad idea.

So whats the best thing to do when you start to experience PC problems?

Most of us will put up with them and continue to use our computers, until that day comes when the PC problems become so bad that the computer is completely unusable or wont switch on. This is the worst way to deal with your PC problems as they will cost a lot more to repair if the PC is completely dead.

The moment you start to experience PC problems your best option would be to Google the symptoms of the problem, have a quick read around and see if it’s something you can fix. If it’s not, it probably wont cost you much to have it repaired.

In some cases you can probably have it repaired for free or get guidance to help you tackle the problem yourself.

Free Computer Help

At L.J.A. Computer Services we have helped plenty of people solve their PC problems over the phone just by asking them to take a few steps to resolve the issue. Never be afraid to ask a computer repair company for help as most local company’s are more interested in helping people than making money off people. However they have to charge you most of the time as it’s the way the owners make a living.

If they can help you with a quick phone call the chances are they will and you could have your minor PC problems solved in a few minutes for free! See our it help HERE for more details on free services and how L.J.A. Computer Services are willing to help in every way possible.

Prevent PC Problems

If you are happy to you should have regular maintenance on your computer, I would recommend once every quarter you take your computer into a local repair shop to have it maintained. At L.J.A. Computer services we can provide a quarterly maintenance package which will ensure smooth running of your system for years to come.

Thanks for reading and we wish you the best experience on your computer and hope you don’t come into PC problems too often.