USB Bluetooth Adapter – 5.0 USB Wireless Receiver for Windows 10


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USB Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Adapter for PC Computer Laptop

-Super Mini Size -Support plug and play -Universal USB 3.0 2.0 Port, work stably for a long time. -Supports simultaneous connection of multiple devices. -Bluetooth 5.0 chip, BLE low power. -Compatible with V4.2 V4.1 V4.1 -Usage for mobile phone, wireless earphone, headset, gamepad, mouse, keypad, keyboard, printer etc Bluetooth devices


1.Only work for Windows (32 and 64bit) System Computer PC, Laptops.

Not support MacOS,   Linux, Car System, Smart TV System.

2.Use For Bluetooth Devices Connect, Audio/Files Transfer; No Microphone.

Files Transfer need Use   “Send a file”/”Receive a file”  function at first.

3. The transmission distance is determined by the performance of the receiving and sending devices.

Please reduce obstacles between device connections. —Please make sure that your windows computer system has not been modified or streamlined, and the system update function has not been disabled. —Please disable the Built-in Bluetooth Devices of the computer before using this adapter. —If there is no response when the adapter is plugged into the USB port, please try another USB port or try another computer. —If it still does not work, please contact customer service for additional help.

FAQ1:Realtek Bluetooth is not installed on your system.

Step1.Your computer already has other Bluetooth devices. Step2.Disable it.(This Pc-Right Click-Manage-Device Manager-Your old bluetooth-Disable Device) the driver.

FAQ2:An exclamation mark appears on the Bluetooth adapter and the device cannot be connected.

Disable windows10 signature Step: 1. Press the key combination “Win + I” to enter “all settings” 2. Find and enter “update and security” in “all settings” 3. Find “restore” and click “restart now” under “Advanced start-up” to restart the computer. 4. After restart, select “troubleshooting”, select “advanced options”, select “start-up settings”, and click “restart”. 5. Enter “7” as prompted to disable driver forced signature.


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