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Software Support Computer Services

We have a number of different software support it services available for you. We also have a number of different software support packages available, we can install which you can customise for your own personal needs. Our software support packages can be used entirely free of any license fees so you don’t have to worry about monthly payments or yearly subscriptions.

General Repairs – £30 – Remote Access – £15

If you are experiencing software problems with your laptop or PC we will put them right for you and help you prevent them in the future.

General Installs – £30 – Remote Access – £15

If you have recently purchased software like Anti-Virus, Microsoft Office or alike we are able to install it for you. We can also buy and install software for you just add the price of the software to our call out price. All our software installation services are at a very low cost.

Security Package Install – £30 – Remote Access – £15

Be secure with our software support security package install. The package includes a firewall, anti-virus, anti-malware & spy ware with no monthly payments or yearly subscriptions. Training on how to use the products is also available. Get our software support security package installed and ready to use on your computer for a low cost.

Office package- £30 – Remote Access – £15

Do you need office software tools for your computer? With our office software support package you get the easy choice for an office software suite. Our office software support package is suitable for complete beginners, but if you have used any other office software, that’s OK too. The package will make full use of what you already know – through familiar screens and menus – and also what you have – by reading existing files with no retyping. No monthly payments or yearly subscriptions.

Media Package – £30 – Remote Access – £15

We have a wide range of media software available for you. The standard software support package includes CD\DVD burning software, media players able to play every media file available, photo organising and editing software and media server software for streaming movies and files to your favorite device.

Maintenance Package – £30 – Remote Access – £15

This software support package is a must for all computer users. With the Maintenance software support package you are able to keep in control and maintain your computer with a few easy steps. It will clean your computer from all the junk that builds up over time and keep it running smoothly. It will also speed up your computer, automatically fix faults found with your computer and give you the option to retrieve deleted data or reverse errors made on your part.

New computer Cleanse and organise – £30

When you purchase a new computer from the shops they come pre-installed with lots of programs and features. A lot of these programs you will never use and to top it off some require you to make a one off payment, pay monthly or yearly subscriptions to continue using them. With this service we will remove any programs you don’t want or need and set up your system exactly how you would like all with reliable FREE software we use on our computers here at L.J.A. Computer Services. You can also choose one or all of the software package installations at no extra cost.

Operating System Upgrades – £50

operating systems available for upgrades from your current system.We are able to upgrade your operating system to the most current one available on the market which is currently Windows 7. We can also reinstall your current operating system for you or upgrade to a operating system of your choice. Available operating systems are Windows XP, Windows Vista,Windows 7 and 10.

We will install your windows operating system and any other software packages we have available. We preform all Microsoft updates and also install our security, office and media packages (if required) all for a low cost. We are unable to offer call out with this service due to time taken to install the operating system.