How to clear cache on Instagram?

How to Clear Cache on Instagram

So, I just spend ages trying to find out how to clear cache on Instagram because I updated an image but the old one kept showing up even after I edited it. Now I have found out I thought I would share it with any readers who reach my page. Have fun.

I will show you the browser cache clear then the Instagram app and Android / iPhone methods of clearing cache for the app.

The caching behavior on Instagram is governed by the browser cache settings. If your browser is set to clear the cache periodically, it will automatically clear the cache for you. 

See the browser cache settings in your control panel: 


Settings > Safari > Advanced > Check “Clear all website data” 


Settings > Internet Options > General > Settings > Delete Cookies and History > Delete 

If you are using a browser that does not clear the cache by default, you may clear the cache for a single browser window by going to that window and pressing the refresh button. You can also clear the cache for all browser windows by clearing the cache from the Instagram application. 

how to clear cache on instagram

How to clear the cache within Instagram?

If you have already been to the Instagram app and to the settings and set the option to clear the cache, you will have to clear the cache of Instagram and go back to the settings to set it again. 

Open Instagram and click on your profile page, then the hamburger icon (), which is located at the top-right corner of the screen. 

On the pop-up menu, select Settings and click on it. 

In the settings menu, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Privacy and click on it. 

On the page that opens, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Cookies icon, which is located at the bottom of the screen. 

On the drop-down menu, select Clear Cache and click on it. 

The Instagram app will now clear the cache and you will have to set it again to choose to clear the cache. 

How to clear Instagram App Cache from mobile device

Android smartphones come with built-in tools which can help you clear app cache and optimize your phone. But most of the users focus on RAM management, maximum storage space, and other hardware aspects and ignore the app cache. But, you should know how to clear app cache to get the best out of your Android smartphone.

Most of the users end up clearing the app cache only when they run into performance issues. But, there are a number of other reasons like unwanted ads or caches of the apps that can be cleared.

In order to clear the app cache on Android or any other mobile OS, you need to follow these steps.

How to clear app cache on Android

Step 1: Head to settings

Step 2: Find the option called ‘app cache’ and tap on it.

Step 3: Select the source for the app and select a responsible app.

Step 4: Now tap on ‘clear app cache’ and confirm the same.

Now, your phone will clear the app cache.

How to clear Instagram app cache on iPhone

For clearing app cache on iPhone, head to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> App Management -> Clear Cache.

To clear the app cache on Android, head to Settings -> Applications -> All -> Storage -> Clear Cache.

To clear the app cache on iPhone, select ‘Clear Cache’ and confirm the same.

how to clear cache on instagram

I hope this has helped, I have only just figured it out myself and thought it was worth sharing. 


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