The Sandbox Crypto

Sandbox Crypto

The sandbox crypto also referred to as sandbox crypto or simply sand crypto is a game based crypto utilizing blockchain to allow for true ownership and scarcity while also making games free from the risks and costs of centralized ownership and control the community-driven ecosystem

The Sandbox is a decentralized and community-focused gaming ecosystem where creators and gamers can share, buy, sell, and trade in their in-game assets without the risks and costs of centralized ownership. Creators will be free to share their digital assets, experiences, or games on the Ethereum blockchain, enabling true ownership and scarcity while making games free from the risks of centralized ownership.

Games are fun, but if they are not free for users they’ll struggle to grow.

To make this possible, The Sandbox uses the Ethereum blockchain to store player assets. With Ethereum, data is stored in an append-only structure where every piece of data is preserved forever in the immutable blocks on the blockchain. If your game needs an update, users are free to download the latest version of it with nothing lost in the process. No centralized server needs to be updated, eliminating any downtime, service change fees, or hardware costs that are usually associated with this process.

Being decentralized, The Sandbox will have no ecosystem owners controlling the games, business practises, or ways for users to get their hands on digital goods. The Sandbox is built for community-driven creativity. Users are free to charge each other for services, curate their property offerings, or publish their games without any middlemen collecting commissions or imposing expensive in-app purchases. The in-game asset resides with the user in the in-game digital wallet.

We want our in-game assets to belong to the in-game digital wallet (“Digital Gaming Experience”) in the in-game Ethereum wallet (“Digital Wallet”). Users gain ownership through blockchain-enhanced vouchers, which they can purchase with in-game assets they own.

Fortunately, the team at The Sandbox has plans to rename these in-game assets (or “ku”) in-game currencies (“Ku”) when the game launches.

There are innumerable possibilities for player interaction where integral trading between gamers can secure thousands of in-game assets across items in stores, online auctions, and communities.

What is the Sandbox’s business model?

The people powering The Sandbox are gamers looking for a game free of the narrow ecosystem ownership with high user acquisition costs. The Sandbox will bypass all those costs to give creators and gamers a chance to build the game they want. Chances to create an environment tailored to their playing needs.

By centralizing gear, items, and assets, developers can run the show.

We think this isn’t fair. That players should have more choice, more ownership, and have more liability for what they buy.

Therefore, the Ethereum blockchain will be the only way of trading assets on The Sandbox.

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What are some of The Sandbox’s features?

The Sandbox aims to have robust features for players at launch, but one example of a future feature is what you can buy above, called
‘Daily Gear,’ which is a timed item that will disappear at the end of the day.

For developers, they can create more lasting effects on gameplay with ‘Gear Cooldowns’, which are the global cooldown on gear purchases.

Lastly, ‘Effects’ are effects which are already bought by pre-existing players on the game. These are commonly different spells, items, or cosmetic changes made on your character.

What is The Sandbox’s slogan or tagline?

Play With Possibilities, Earn Rewards

Play with possibilities and earn rewards – an entire community driven ecosystem – powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

What is the Sandbox’s mission statement?

To give gamers and creators a free and open space to experiment and play games, make and test business practises, and earn rewards without the process of protracted and expensive items.

To give players choice and leverage over what they buy and who owns the digital goods they buy.

To give players and creators a voice and a chance to meet each other and start building.

To generate fairness and create opportunities for gamers and developers alike.

To help rid the gaming industry of problems seen in today’s mega-corps.

To fuse the barriers between the in-game personas and real-world personas.

To defy exclusionary norms by tearing down the boundaries between games and games, games and technology, games and society, games and business, games, and learning.

What is The Sandbox’s number one goal?

The Sandbox’s number one goal is to give gamers and creators the space for laboratories for experimentation and experience. To be free to play with game mechanics, game content, game ideas like few companies in the world.

To give players the choice to break the traditional norms in games.

To make it possible to earn money or rewards passively without needing to engage in combat with other entities in the game.

Create player economies by rewarding players for unique, rare artifacts they make to provide unique experiences like drag races like people have in CarSins, Diablo groups have in Diablo, MMORPG guilds have in Diablo, and so on without the dangers associated with other ecosystems.

What is Sandbox crypto and It is a device-agnostic, web browser-based sandbox blockchain platform.

A one-of-a-kind virtual space is created by the Sandbox team, in which the players can build, control, and market their gaming experiences using SAND, the platform’s primary utility currency.

SAND holders are also able to take part in the governance of the platform via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where they can exercise voting rights on key decisions of The Sandbox

The Sandbox team has a well-designed roadmap with over 12 goals, spread across a 3-year period:

  1. Ecosystem development – Invest in and develop the decentralized ecosystem of Sandbox blockchain game.
  2. Framework of Tournaments and Leaderboards – Begin the first sandbox crypto sporting competitions.
  3. Smart Contracts Development – Begin the first smart contracts development for the Sandbox gaming platform.
  4. Blockchain Applications Development – Develop and launch applications on Sandbox blockchain platform.
  5. Sandbox Global Branding – Create a global brand for the Sandbox gaming and blockchain platform.
  6. Decentralized Data Storage – Establish decentralized data storage for The Sandbox blockchain and its digital currency SAND.
  7. Game Creation – Begin the first creation of sandbox crypto games on Sandbox blockchain platform.
  8. Smart Contracts Development – Begin Smart Contracts development for the Sandbox gaming platform.
  9. Smart Contracts Development for Sandbox Ecosystem – Begin Smart Contracts development for The Sandbox ecosystem and its digital currency SAND.
  10. Blockchain Applications Development – Develop and launch applications on Sandbox blockchain platform.
  11. Content Production – Develop content for Sandbox gaming platform.
  12. Foundation Blockchain Ecosystem- Establish the foundation of the Sandbox blockchain ecosystem and its digital currency SAND.

What is Sandbox crypto?

Sandbox crypto is a utility token for the Sandbox gaming platform.

Sandbox crypto will be firstly used to reward people who develop ico games for the Sandbox platform.

Secondly, ico holders will also be able to participate in the SAND governance of The Sandbox blockchain platform.

Thirdly, ico holders will be able to participate in the ecosotn ecosystem to acquire the utility token, SAND.

More on The Sandbox ecosystem:

  1. Wallet – SAND holders can login to Sandbox platform with their SAND account.
  2. Crypto Games – In SAND-powered crypto games, gamers can earn SAND for playing ico games or participating in eSports.
  3. ecosotn and crypto-media ecosystem – Ecosotn is a community-driven company developing decentralized online games and ico games.
  4. Blockchain – The Sandbox Blockchain platform is designed to be a decentralized platform to manage ecosotn blockchain tokens. The Sandbox team will launch the decentralized gaming and governance on 1st September.

How to participate in the Sandbox ICO?

The Sandbox blockchain project is launching a public ICO from 1st September to 24th September 2018.

You can participate in the ICO by purchasing SAND tokens using cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex, EtherDelta or CoinEx.

Cryptocurrency exchanges will create a designated marketplace for SAND exchange to protect investors from excessive price swings.
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